More Art … Journaling

I’ve neglected my blog. Bad. But I have been more or less obsessed with art journaling. For some reason the little 5×7 #Stalogy 365 Journal is compelling while a 5×7 blank white canvas is terrifying. The journal stimulates my creativity but the canvas obliterates it. So, I’ll go with the flow—with what works or at least what gets me motivated to make marks on a page that turn into something where nothing existed before. I even convinced a good friend of mine in Phoenix to join me in going through a new book, 101 Mixed Media Techniques by a group of mixed media artists. It’s basically a compendium of lots of different techniques grouped into general categories like Art Journaling, Gesso and Mediums, Transferring, etc. We decided to do a chapter a week, picking three techniques in the chapter and producing work that utilizes them. It’s been a lot of fun and we can then go back through the book again choosing techniques we passed by before. Here are a few of the spreads I’ve done exploring things like gesso over painting, using found objects, working with texture and modeling paste and creating backgrounds. Next week will be stamping. Such fun.

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Visual journaling- my first try

A shoutout to the Visual Journaling Meetup in Edmonds, Washington for hosting such a supportive environment. I spent the better part of two hours this morning trying to tap into something these artsy people call the inner self. Evidently it is a process of self discovery and self expression that even psychologists think may a worthwhile means of increasing emotional wellbeing. Well, I am all for that!

IMG_4200The day did not begin on a particularly auspicious note–I managed to drive off with my morning coffee still perched on the top of the car. So uncaffeinated and a bit nervous I joined a handful of journalers for what turned out to be a feel good morning of playtime with paint, paper, and a pleasant exchange of personal stories. Thank you Karen Dawn and company for making me feel at home, and for giving my overwrought journal page the ultimate compliment, “That’s very . . . creative“. It may not be good art, but finding that creative zone was really my goal.