Cultural Appropriation and Secular Blasphemy

Well worth reading this NYT piece by Kenan Malik on the political correctness (or not) of cultural appropriation, even when it involves an artist of one culture or race depicting a politically or culturally important event from another culture or racial minority’s experience. The comments are equally as enlightening as the essay itself.

Source: Cultural Appropriation and Secular Blasphemy

2 thoughts on “Cultural Appropriation and Secular Blasphemy

  1. Morning,

    What a great article.

    I would like to respond to it, but when I write I often feel like I’m just getting emotional instead of just giving my point of view in a way that could begin a discussion. Instead it sounds like “well this is how I feel—take it or leave it.”

    I get frustrated and then just stop instead of figuring out how to change it.

    Any suggestion on how do I learn to get past that?

    If you were here then we could do this over coffee…..


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  2. Kate, I think a blog is the perfect venue for opining (intelligently), and I value your opinions. Not every response has to be a well reasoned argument :); I doubt anyone would bother responding to a controversial issue if they weren’t motivated emotionally. If you do get stuck trying to figure out what the heck you really want to “say” though, you could try writing emotively until you’ve vented (lol) and then go back after a bit and rewrite to hone in on the point you really want to make. Hope that helps. PS: If you weren’t in the middle of 100+ weather I would be tempted to hop on the plane and have that cuppa 🍵 with you.


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